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Get any engine issues checked

now before it gets colder

If you have noticed any problems such as

noises, hard starts, sluggish performance

or rough idling, get them checked now

before it gets colder.

Any small issues you have with your engine

already can be exacerbated by colder

temperatures. Take your car in for a service

if it is due, or get the issues checked by a

mechanic to see if there is an underlying

problem that needs maintenance.


Make sure you have breakdown cover -

just in case!

Breakdown cover should be seen as an essential part of motoring, just like insurance.

Don't get left stranded in case something does go wrong with your car and you end

up breaking down. Cover can cost as little as £15.00. Just make sure you go for a

policy that covers everything you need - think about the coverage you need, and

whether you need additions like home start or onward destination cover.