The UK’s used car segment is currently facing a potentially unstable future as a result of issues over the quality and volume of vehicles coming into the sector.

This is the view of CAP Automotive, with the organisation’s Black Book Live guide to used car benchmarking reporting just 20 per cent of models currently on the market could be described as “clean”.

As a result, trade prices are forecast to rise for desirable stock over the start of 2014. However, an oversupply of nearly-new vehicles could offset this increase, as many manufacturers continue to pursue dealer pre-registrations or ‘short cycle’ rental business.

Indeed, there are now many low-mileage cars that were registered last August that are increasingly coming into competition with models brought to the market just a month later, but with the new September number plate.

Black Book Live senior editor Derren Martin stated: “We are already seeing some pressure on values where short cycle cars are returning to the market.”


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