Mercedes-Benz UK has announced the specification and pricing for its new range of C-Class models.

Available on the road from £26,885, the new model range will feature two engine variants – the C200 petrol capable of 184 bhp and 300 Nm of torque and the C220 BlueTec providing 170 bhp and 400 Nm.

Increased performance is witnessed via the C200 option for buyers, but improved efficiency and lower emissions can be achieved through the C220 BlueTec. Comparing the two, the C200 provides 53.3 mpg and 102 g/km of CO2, while the C220 BlueTec delivers 70.6 mpg and 103 g/km of CO2.

During the course of 2014, the vehicle manufacturer has announced a further three engine variants for buyers will also be launched, the C 200 BlueTec, C 250 BlueTec and C 300 BlueTec Hybrid.

Overall, the new C-Class aims to target the UK fleet sector and could prove an attractive option for businesses seeking new vehicles for staff over the coming months.


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