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Five New Year

Driving Resolutions

Be sure to keep

your fluid levels


To check your car's fluid levels you will

need to be brave and look under the

bonnet. The fluid levels you will need to

check are: Oil, Transmission fuel for

automatics, Brake fluid, Power steering

fluid, Coolant and Windscreen washer fluid.

New Year's resolution – Read your

car manual for the fluid levels ideal

for your vehicle.

Lose some


Get rid of all those unnecessary items you

have in your car. They all add excess

weight, and remember the heavier your

car is, the more fuel you will use getting

from A to B.

New Year's resolution – Don’t

use your car as a storage facility.

Keep it


Make a good impression when giving

friends a lift by not having a car full of

rubbish. Why not keep a bin in the front

and empty it frequently. Treat your car,

vacuum the carpets and use an air

freshener to keep it smelling sweeter.

New Year's resolution – Give your

car a spruce up more regularly.

Don’t get all

down and


You really should check your tyres at least

once a month and before you head off on

a long journey.

When you are checking your tyre

pressures you should also check for any

signs of general wear and tear. Also check

for any damage such as cuts, lumps or


New Year's resolution – Ensure

your tyres are inflated to the

pressure level recommended by

your vehicle manufacturer.

Get your

body back in


Look after your body so rust does not set

in! Simple bodywork maintenance will help

to protect your car from the worst the

British weather can throw at you.

Regular cleaning and polishing of your

body work can help to reduce fading,

damage and improve the resale value of

your vehicle.

New Year's resolution – Don’t

ignore bumps and scratches.