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The Top 10 Most

Annoying Driving Habits


This is something we all tend to do from time to time, but it is

reckless speeding in built-up areas that causes the most accidents

and road rage.


Bad parking

Drivers who take up more than one space, park

diagonally, or park so close that you cannot get in and

out of your vehicle.


Pulling out without looking

Don’t put the responsibility for avoiding a crash in the

hands of other drivers. Make sure you check carefully

in both directions before pulling out from a junction.



Continually driving too close behind another car is

dangerous and very annoying. Leave at least a 2 second

gap to the car in front, and 4 seconds when it's raining.


Using mobile phones

It is surprising that this is only no. 6 in the list of

annoying driving habits, as it is one of the most

dangerous, as it takes your eyes off the road.