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Very erratic driving

Cutting in and out of lanes, heavy braking and acceleration rather

than proceeding smoothly, unnerves other road users and can

easily cause accidents.


Bad roundabout etiquette

Slamming on the brakes, driving around in the wrong

lane, pulling out when there is someone coming, and

pulling on to a roundabout when your exit is blocked

and clogging it up are all very annoying habits.


Driving with fog lights on

when not needed

Other drivers really hate it when other road users dazzle

them with their fog lights on when they aren’t needed.

They should only be used in visibility under 100m.


Poor lane discipline

Undertaking, hogging the middle lane, and veering

across more than one lane at once are all annoyances

for other drivers.


Not indicating

Apparently, the most irritating bad driving habit

is drivers who don’t indicate. Without indicating,

other drivers have no way of knowing what you

are going to do. It's not just annoying, it is

potentially dangerous and could lead to an



and finally...