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Road hazards

in autumn

The colours of autumn...

As the nights start to draw in, drivers are

faced with low autumn sunrises and

sunsets on their daily commutes. These

might create some spectacular views in the

autumn sky, but the associated glare

creates a big hazard.

On top of this, the leaves start to turn a

beautiful mix of colours, lining the roadside

with oranges and reds. But as autumn

continues these leaves will begin to fall and

cover the roads, leaving potential hazards.

Piles of leaves cover potholes from view,

and wet leaves make stopping difficult.

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As the temperatures start to fall in

autumn, your car's engine and battery get

put under more load. You're using the

fans and heaters more, and the engine

has to work harder as the fluids and

lubricants are sluggish in the cold.

During the summer, the long daylight

hours mean that you use your car's

headlights much less. With days

shortening throughout autumn, you'll soon

be facing a regular dark commute, relying

on your car's lights functioning properly.

Drivers often forget to check their bulbs

during the summer, and only discover a

blown bulb when they face a dark

commute in autumn. Cars with broken

lights create a huge hazard on the road.

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ing temperatures...

Nights are closing in...

Plus, your battery is less efficient when it's

cold. It loses power output and recharges

less quickly, meaning starting is harder.