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Our top autumn

driving tips

Keep your

windscreen clean

inside and out

Sun glare is bad enough in autumn as

the sun appears lower in the sky. But it

is made even worse by smears on your

windscreen. Make sure your glass is

clean, on both the outside and inside,

and that your washer fluid is topped up.


Make sure you clean your wipers


When you clean your windscreen, lift your

wipers off the glass and give them a wipe

over with hot, soapy water. If they are

dry, cracked or still smearing after

cleaning, consider replacing them. Wiper

blades last two to three years on average.

Get your car

battery checked


Batteries that are showing signs of

struggling, such as if your engine is

taking longer start, need to be checked

to make sure they don't fail during the

colder months, especially if they are

over five years old . Take it to your

garage and get it tested.


Check the voltage

- An old 12v car

battery will output less volts. A mechanic

will check the voltage output of the battery

and can tell you if it needs replacing.

Check your

tyre tread and


Bald or defective tyres are dangerous at

all times of year, but especially so in

autumn and winter. With leaves falling

on the road resulting in slippery

conditions, and the lingering prospect

of rain, snow and ice, you need all the

grip you can get. Check your tyres.


Minimum of 1.6mm tread

- The

more tread you have on your tyre the

shorter your stopping distance.