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Watch out

for deer

The rutting season in October to

November is one of the peak times

for road accidents involving deer.


40,000 to 75,000 deer are killed

in road accidents every year


Those accidents kill and injure car

occupants too, and cause millions of

pounds worth of damage to vehicles.

Make sure you

are lit up...

...and the road ahead is lit up too.

A simple, regular check around your

car's lights to make sure they are all

working, and the replacement of any

blown bulbs will make your autumn

and winter commutes safer.


Not only is it dangerous for other road

users if you have a blown bulb, as you

are less visible, a faulty headlight

impairs your ability to see the road


With the added hazards on the road at

this time of year, such as leaves and

deer, you need to be able to rely on

properly functioning headlights to see

as far down the road as possible to

reduce the risk of an accident.

If you see a deer on the road in

front of your car, turn off your full

beams, otherwise it may freeze in

front of you. Slow down and try to

continue on the same path rather

than swerve to avoid it. Sudden

manoeuvres can mean you lose

control and you could risk hitting a

tree or another vehicle.