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if your battery can’t output

enough power you may be left unable

to start your car on a cold morning.


if your battery is more than

five years old – get it replaced. If your

car’s been sat still for long periods or

been doing lots of short journeys, it

may need a good charge. If your car

is struggling to start in the morning,

turn off all the electrical add-ons like

heated seats, fans and stereo before

trying to start to give the battery a

better chance.

4. Icy skids or spins

Roads get icy and slippery during

winter and if your tyres aren’t in good

condition and aren’t inflated properly

you could risk a scary skid or spin.


it doesn’t need snowfall to

cause icy roads. Lower temperatures

can lead to standing water, rainfall or

condensation freezing on roads. Tyres

don’t grip properly when bald, cracked

or under/over inflated.


lack of grip could mean

your wheels lose grip leading to a skid

or spin, or worse you could be unable

to stop suddenly when needed leading

to an accident.


check your tyre tread –

a minimum of 1.6mm is needed.

If you have less than 3mm left,

consider getting them changed now

as performance will already be much

less than when new. Also, check your

pressures are set to your manufacturer


5. Poor running engines

If you haven’t had your car serviced

regularly, your spark plugs could be

worn out or your HT leads could have



spark plugs are vital in making

your engine run smoothly and when

worn or damaged could lead to rough

idling or misfiring. HT leads are also

a vital part of the ignition system but

often overlooked.


if either of these are failing

it could make it difficult to start your

car or lead to a rough-idling engine.


take your car in for a full

service and a qualified mechanic

can check the condition of your HT

leads and spark plugs – if they need

replacing it’s a quick job and shouldn’t

cost too much. If they are in OK

condition, fresh oil, new filters and a

tune-up can make all the difference to

a poor running engine anyway.