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Motorists are more likely to break

down in winter than any other time of

year. There’s also a greater probability

of delays on the roads.

No matter what vehicle you are in or

how good a driver you are, if there is

a big accident on the roads you could

face several hours sitting still whilst

the road is cleared. And winter is a

time when you don’t want to be sat

still in a car without being prepared

for the cold.

We’ve given you the tips to reduce the

risk of a breakdown, but in case you

do get stuck, here’s our checklist of

things to keep in your car and things to

do to be prepared for the cold weather

Things to keep in the car

• Sat-nav or map book

• A snow shovel

• Windshield scraper and small


• Torch (and extra batteries)

• Water

• Snacks/food

• Extra hats, socks and gloves

• Good sturdy footwear

• First aid kit

• Necessary medications

• Blankets or sleeping bag

• Small bag of road salt

• Mobile phone in-car charger to plug

into lighter

How to prepare for the


• Check your car before travelling

• Make sure you have breakdown

cover and know the phone number

• Keep your fuel topped up at least

half full

• Check the weather forecast and

avoid driving when weather

warnings are in place

• If you get stuck, stay in your

vehicle and try and phone help

• Be prepared to stay in your vehicle

overnight if the need arises


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