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There are some simple checks you

should carry out before winter sets in

to make sure your car is ready. Some

of them are simple and you can do

at home, some you must take to a

mechanic to perform.

Check with your local garage as some

of them may be able to give your car

a winter check over for a small cost or

even for free!

1. Battery

• Voltage output (13.7V to 14.7V

with engine running)

• Charging capacity (12.6V or above

with engine off)

2. Brakes

• Pad/shoe wear (get your garage to


• Disc/Drum condition (get your

garage to check)

3. Coolant/Antifreeze

• Level (check your owner manual)

• Strength (get your garage to


• Engine Oil

• Level (check your owner manual)

4. Engine Oil

• Level (check your owner manual)

5. Exhaust

• Noise (has the noise output

changed recently?)

• Excessive smoke (run the engine

and check for smoke)

6. Exterior Lights

• Indicators (front/rear/sides)

• Headlights (dipped/full beam)

• Sidelights (front/rear)

• Reversing

• Number plate lights

• Brake lights

• Fog lights (more common in winter